Yamaha PS6100

Electronic keyboard

Yamaha Portatone PS6100
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1984 (July)
Initially sold for ¥220,000

The PS6100 was the most expensive portable keyboard released by Yamaha in the 1980s, with its revision (the PSR6300) coming next.

It offers lots of FM sound presets, a rhythm section with PCM samples and, most importantly for today's standards, MIDI connections. The control board is hinged so that the whole keyboard can be easily closed and transported.

3 voice groups (Solo, Upper Orchestra, Lower Orchestra) are provided. Solo ones have Touch Response control (after-touch), which lets you add greater expression according to the pressure you put on the keys.

A PCM digital programmable drum unit, called Custom Drummer, features 21 types of percussion instrument sounds, including Latin percussion, which are separated stereophonically. Two custom rhythms may be stored at one time in addition to the 64 preset rhythm patterns already built-in.

The 4-track Music Programmer enables you to record your performances. The recording can be changed, if you want to alter voice registrations.

A tape interface is included, which enables the transfer of digital data from the Music Programmer and Custom Drummer to a tape.

The shell has been designed by Mario Bellini, an Italian designer who already worked with Yamaha on the TC-800GL cassette deck and the HP1 headphones.


  • FM sound generation
  • Keyboard split
  • 4-track recorder
  • Touch sensitive keyboard
  • Realtime programming
  • PCM percussion
  • Stereo sound system
  • Professional auto play
Midge Ure thinks the PS6100 is "brilliant" ad
Midge Ure thinks the PS6100 is "brilliant" ad
The PS6100's excellent rhythm section.
The PS6100's excellent rhythm section.
MIDI sockets and foot pedal connectors.
MIDI sockets and foot pedal connectors.

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