Yamaha Black Boxes
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These are the second most powerful tools for making music. The first is your ear. That’s the catchphrase of a Yamaha advertisement for their comprehensive line of synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines as seen on Keyboard Magazine in 1985.

Close to 40 years have passed since that day, and while the legacy of FM synthesis still lives inside contemporary soft synths, boutique synthesizers and full blown workstations, the design language that Yamaha adopted with the first DX7 slowly faded away during the 1990s.

This website attempts to give credit to the extraordinary work of consistency the Design Laboratory kept back then: black boxes, DX green, small LCDs and outstanding build quality.

This collection grows gradually. Last update: 03Dec2023.
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The collection



DS551988 (Dec.)Digital synthesizer¥79,000
DX11983 (Dec.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥1,810,000
DX51985 (May)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥555,000
DX71983 (May)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥230,000
DX7 II-C1986 (July)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥464,000
DX7 II-D1986 (Dec.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥239,000
DX7 II-FD1986 (Dec.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥277,000
DX7s1987 (Jun.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥156,000
DX91983 (May)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥175,000
DX211985 (May)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥123,000
DX271985 (Dec.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥91,000
DX27s1986 (July)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥110,000
DX1001985 (Dec.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥65,000
Reface DX2015 (Sep.)Mobile mini keyboard¥55,000
V2 (DX11)1988 (Nov.)Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer¥110,000
V501989 (Feb.)Digital Synthesizer¥156,000
YS1001988 (July)Digital synthesizer¥102,000
YS2001988 (July)Digital synthesizer¥120,000


FS1R1998 (Oct.)Formant shaping FM tone generator1U¥110,000
TX1P1987 (Dec.)Piano tone generator1U¥91,000
TX16W1987 (Dec.)Digital wave filtering sampler2U¥260,000
TX81Z1986 (Dec.)FM tone generator1U¥56,000
TX2161984 (Dec.)MIDI rack4U¥278,000
TX8021987 (Jun.)FM tone generator2U¥184,000
TX8161984 (Dec.)MIDI rack4U¥826,000


TF11984 (Dec.)FM tone generator module¥90,000


WT111988 (Dec.)Wind tone generator¥50,000


DOM301990Disk orchestra module
FB011986 (Mar.)FM sound generator¥49,800
TQ51988 (Dec.)Tone generator¥60,000
TX71985 (Jan.)Tone generator¥135,000


KX11983 (July)Remote keyboard¥186,000
KX51984 (May)Remote keyboard¥65,000
SHS101987 (Oct.)FM digital keyboard with MIDI¥23,800
SHS2001988 (May)FM digital keyboard with MIDI¥31,400



KX761985 (Dec.)MIDI master keyboard¥144,000
KX881985 (Jan.)MIDI master keyboard¥250,000


G101988 (May)Guitar MIDI controller¥110,000
G10C1988 (May)Guitar MIDI converter2U¥90,000


MFC11986 (Nov.)MIDI foot controller¥28,000
MFC2MIDI foot controller
MFC051987 (Dec.)MIDI foot controller¥11,800
MFC061989 (Sep.)MIDI foot controller¥6,500


WX71987 (Oct.)Wind MIDI controller¥93,000
WX111988 (Dec.)Wind MIDI controller¥42,000



AVX11987AWM voice expander2U
FVX11987 (Sep.)FM voice expander2U
MDX1MIDI digital recorder2U

Series F

FX11983 (May)Electone¥4,500,000
FX101983 (Aug.)Electone¥1,900,000
FX201983 (Aug.)Electone¥2,200,000

Series H

HX11987 (May)Electone¥928,000
HX31987 (May)Electone¥743,000
HX51987 (May)Electone¥557,000


AVS10AWM voice expander
CVS10Combination voice expander
MBS101987Memory bank
MDR11984 (Feb.)Music disk recorder¥230,000
MDR21987 (May)Music disk recorder¥120,000
MDR31989 (Apr.)Music disk recorder¥48,000
VEX11989 (Nov.)HX voice expander¥70,000


PC10001983 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥148,000


DSR5001988 (May)¥46,200
DSR10001987 (Oct.)¥110,000
DSR20001987 (Oct.)¥162,000


PS61001984 (July)Electronic keyboard¥220,000
PSR61988 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥31,400
PSR111986 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥39,800
PSR121987 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥36,900
PSR151984 (Dec.)Electronic keyboard¥48,000
PSR161988 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥36,900
PSR211986 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥54,800
PSR221987 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥54,800
PSR271989 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥44,800
PSR311986 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥64,800
PSR321987 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥60,100
PSR361988 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥60,100
PSR401985 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥59,800
PSR501985 (Aug.)Electronic keyboard¥88,000
PSR601985 (Aug.)Electronic keyboard¥108,000
PSR701985 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥128,000
PSR801987 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥91,000
PSR25001989 (Oct.)Electronic keyboard¥95,000
PSR35001989 (Oct.)Electronic keyboard¥125,000
PSR45001989 (Oct.)Electronic keyboard¥165,000
PSR63001986 (Oct.)Electronic keyboard¥218,000


PCR8001985 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥98,000


MK1001983 (Nov.)Portable Keyboard¥59,800
MP11982 (July)Portable Keyboard¥98,000
PC501983 (Feb.)Portable Keyboard¥54,800
PC1001982 (Apr.)Portable Keyboard¥78,000
PCS5001984 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥78,000
PS2001984 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥24,800
PSS201989 (May)Electronic keyboard¥5,600
PSS301987 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥6,500
PSS401985 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥59,800
PSS801989 (Oct.)Electronic keyboard¥9,800
PSS1001989 (Oct.)Digital recording keyboard¥11,800
PSS1021991 (Nov.)Card operating system¥13,000
PSS1101985 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥9,800
PSS1201986 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥11,800
PSS1301987 (Feb.)Electronic keyboard¥11,800
PSS1401988 (May)Electronic keyboard¥13,800
VSS301987 (Aug.)Digital voice sampler¥13,800
VSS1001985 (Dec.)Digital voice sampling keyboard¥45,000
VSS2001988 (May)Digital voice sampler¥27,700

Series 50

PSS1501985 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥15,800
PSS4501985 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥34,800

Series 60

PSS1601986 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥19,800
PSS2601985 (Dec.)Electronic keyboard¥26,800
PSS3601987 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥33,800
PSS4601986 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥43,800
PSS5601986 (Mar.)Electronic keyboard¥53,800

Series 70

PSS1701986 (Dec.)Electronic keyboard¥18,400
PSS2701986 (Dec.)Electronic keyboard¥24,900
PSS3701987 (Apr.)Electronic keyboard¥29,800
PSS4701987 (Feb.)Electronic keyboard¥39,800
PSS5701987 (Feb.)Electronic keyboard¥49,800

Series 80

PSS2801989 (May)Electronic keyboard¥23,800
PSS3801989 (May)Electronic keyboard¥28,800
PSS4801988 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥36,900
PSS5801989 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥36,900
PSS6801988 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥50,900
PSS7801989 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥50,900

Series 90

PSS1901990 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥14,000
PSS2901990 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥23,800
PSS3901990 (Jun.)Electronic keyboard¥28,800
PSS5901990 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥36,000
PSS7901990 (Sep.)Electronic keyboard¥48,000


PF101983 (Mar.)Electronic piano¥149,000
PF121985 (May)Electronic piano¥189,000
PF151983 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥220,000
PF501986 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥150,000
PF601986 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥180,000
PF701985 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥168,000
PF801985 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥198,000
PF851987 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥184,000
PF12001988 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥213,000
PF15001988 (Dec.)Electronic piano¥231,000
PF20001988 (Mar.)Electronic piano¥209,000
YPR61985 (Apr.)Portable piano¥49,800
YPR71986 (Sep.)Electric piano¥50,900
YPR81985 (Apr.)Portable piano¥69,800
YPR91986 (Sep.)Electric piano¥69,400


PC11982 (Jan.)Piano player control unit¥180,000
PL11982 (Jan.)Piano player drive unit¥150,000
PL21982 (Apr.)Piano player drive unit¥150,000
PPC101986 (Apr.)Piano player control unit¥250,000


Drum machines

RX51986 (Dec.)Digital rhythm programmer¥147,000
RX71987 (Nov.)Digital rhythm programmer¥83,000
RX81988 (Dec.)Digital rhythm programmer¥51,000
RX111984 (July)Digital rhythm programmer¥137,000
RX151984 (May)Digital rhythm programmer¥74,000
RX171987 (Mar.)Digital rhythm programmer¥46,000
RX211985 (July)Digital rhythm programmer¥42,000
RX21L1985 (Dec.)Digital rhythm programmer¥42,000
RX1201988 (Jan.)Digital rhythm programmer¥37,000

Electronic drums

DD51988 (May)Digital drums¥16,300
DD101988 (April)Digital drums¥27,700
ED101987 (Jun.)Electronic drum¥13,000
ED201989 (Dec.)Electronic drum¥24,000
LM101987 (Jun.)Line mixer¥11,800
PBD11986 (Dec.)Percussion pad¥40,000
PBD81987 (Jun.)Percussion pad¥16,000
PMC11986 (Dec.)Percussion MIDI controller2U¥78,000
PSD81987 (Jun.)Percussion pad¥16,000
PTT11986 (Dec.)Percussion pad¥25,000
PTT81987 (Jun.)Percussion pad¥12,000
PTT201989 (Dec.)Electronic tom pad¥9,500
PTX81986 (Jun.)Percussion tone generator2U¥111,000


DTS701991 (Sep.)Drum trigger system2U¥100,000
TMX1993 (Nov.)Drum trigger module1U¥58,000


QX11984 (Oct.)Digital sequence recorder¥480,000
QX31987 (Sep.)Digital sequence recorder¥158,000
QX51986 (Aug.)Digital sequence recorder¥69,800
QX5-FD1988 (July)Digital sequence recorder¥89,800
QX71985 (Jan.)Digital sequence recorder¥78,000
QX211985 (Dec.)Digital sequence recorder¥45,000


Integrated keyboards

CX51983 (Nov.)Music computer¥59,800
CX5F1984Music computer¥64,800
CX5M1984Music computer¥59,800
CX5M II1985Music Computer
CX5M II/1281985Music computer¥128,000
CX7/128Music computer¥70,000
CX7M/1281985Music Computer
CX111985Music computer¥54,800
SX1001985 (Dec.)Home personal computer¥36,800
YIS3031983 (Nov.)Home personal computer¥49,800
YIS5031983 (Dec.)Home personal computer¥64,800
YIS503 II1985 (Jun.)Home personal computer¥59,800
YIS503 III1985Home personal computer¥59,800
YIS503 IIIR1985Home personal computer
YIS503 IIR1985Home personal computer
YIS6031985Home personal computer
YIS604/1281985 (July)Home personal computer¥99,800

Desktop computers

PU1-101982 (Jan.)Central processing unit¥527,000
PU1-201982 (Apr.)Central processing unit¥810,000
PU10-D1982 (Nov.)Central processing unit¥409,000
PU10-S1982 (Nov)Central processing unit¥319,000
PU501982 (Mar.)¥42,100
YIS805/1281986 (Jun.)Home personal computer¥148,000
YIS805/2561986 (Jun.)Home personal computer¥198,000


C11987Music Computer¥348,000
YGT1001983 (Oct.)Graphic terminal¥1,280,000

Computer Accessories


FD01Micro floppydisk drive
FD031986 (July)3.5 inch floppydisk drive¥49,800
FD051985 (Jun.)Micro floppydisk drive¥64,800


CR011983 (Nov.)Card reader
GM11982 (Jan.)Video display¥330,000
GM21982 (Jan.)CRT monitor¥286,000
KB11982 (Apr.)Keyboard¥39,000
KB21982 (Apr.)Keyboard¥49,000
KB101982 (Nov.)Keyboard¥39,000
KB10001986 (Apr.)Keyboard¥26,000
MD011985 (Nov.)Captain modem unit¥98,000
MK11982 (Apr.)Music keyboard¥49,000
MMP011986Music pad¥19,800
MU011985 (Apr.)Mouse¥12,800
PN011984 (May)Thermal transfer printer¥89,800
PN11982 (Apr.)Dot impact printer¥150,000
PN1011984Dot impact printer¥89,900
YK011983 (Nov.)Music keyboard¥17,800
YK101984 (Apr.)Music keyboard¥29,800
YK201985 (Jun.)Music keyboard¥29,800
ZGA011984 (Nov.)Graphic card set¥19,800
ZPA011983 (Nov.)Play card set¥12,800


CA011983 (Nov.)Single cartridge adapter¥3,800
RF011986 (May)RF modulator¥7,800
SX1011985 (Dec.)Expansion box¥26,800
UCN011984 (Jun.)Unit connector¥7,800


CB01Printer cable¥5,000
RC011983 (Nov.)RGB cable¥5,500
VC011983 (Nov.)Video cable¥1,100



PU1-BB1982 (Jun.)¥118,000
PU1-BG1982 (Jun.)¥165,000
PU1-BM1982 (Sep.)Music board¥155,000
PU1-BP1982 (Jun.)Piano interface board¥60,000
SCA011986 (Apr.)Captain adapter unit¥40,000
SFG011983 (Nov.)FM sound synthesizer unit¥19,800
SFG051985 (Jun.)FM sound synthesizer unit II¥29,800
SFK01FM sound synthesizer unit
SKW011984 (May)Kanji word processor unit¥49,800
SKW051985 (Aug.)Japanese word processor unit¥49,800
SMD011983 (Dec.)MIDI unit¥12,800
SRG011983 (Dec.)RGB unit¥15,800
SRM011984 (Nov.)32K RAM RGB unit¥12,800


CMP011985FM auto arranger¥9,800
CMP021986PS editor¥9,800
CMP031986FM auto arranger utility¥9,800
CMW321985Computer music workshop
CMW331985Computer music workshop¥6,500
GAR011985Graphic artist¥7,800
GAR021986Graphic artist utility¥7,800
LDR02CX5M demonstration program
PAP011986BASIC Helper¥9,800
UDC011985 (Apr.)Data memory¥9,800
UGA011984 (Nov.)Graphic Card
UGA021984Graphic card
UPA011985Playcard program¥12,800
URM011985 (July)32K exp. RAM¥9,800
YRG011986 (May)The painter¥15,800
YRG01M1986 (May)The painter¥25,800
YRK011986 (May)Kanji framework cartridge¥9,800
YRK021986 (May)Kanji cassette labeler¥7,800
YRK501986 (May)Phrase conversion cartridge¥25,800
YRM11 (104)1983 (Nov.)FM music macro¥7,800
YRM12 (102)1983 (Nov.)FM voicing program¥7,800
YRM13 (103)1984DX7 voicing program¥7,800
YRM14 (105)1984DX9 voicing program¥7,800
YRM15 (101)1983 (Nov.)FM music composer¥7,800
YRM161984 (Nov.)Kanji address book¥7,800
YRM31 (301)1985MIDI recorder¥9,800
YRM32 (302)1985RX rhythm editor¥12,800
YRM33 (303)1986MIDI macro & monitor¥12,800
YRM34 (304)1986DX7 voicing program II¥9,800
YRM35 (305)1985DX21 voicing program¥9,800
YRM36 (306)1988DX7-II-D/FD voicing program
YRM51 (504)1986 (May)FM music macro II¥9,800
YRM52 (502)1985FM voicing program II¥9,800
YRM55 (501)1986 (May)FM music composer II¥9,800
YRM56 (506)1986FB01 voicing program¥9,800

Producer series

CS011982 (Mar.)Micro monophonic synthesizer¥32,000
CS01 II1984Micro monophonic synthesizer
MA101982 (Mar.)Headphone amplifier¥16,800
MH101982 (Mar.)Stereo headphones¥5,500
MM101982 (Mar.)Portable mixer¥15,800
MM301982 (Dec.)Portable mixer¥48,000
MR101982 (Dec.)Drum machine¥19,800
MS101982 (Dec.)Monitor speaker¥22,000
MT441983 (Mar.)Multi track cassette recorder¥96,000
PB441983 (Mar.)Patch bay unit
RB301983 (Mar.)System rack & patch bay unit¥25,000



D15001984 (July)Digital delay1U¥140,000
DEQ71987 (Nov.)Digital equalizer1U¥150,000
GC20201984 (Dec.)Comp/Limiter1U¥49,800
GEP501988Guitar effect processor1U
GQ10311984 (Dec.)Graphic equalizer1U¥39,800
GQ1031BII1988 (Jun.)Graphic equalizer1U¥38,600
Q10271980 (Mar.)Graphic equalizer2U¥146,000
Q20311984 (Dec.)Graphic equalizer2U¥90,000
R10001983 (May)Digital reverberation1U¥120,000
REV11984 (Mar.)Digital reverberator3U¥1,950,000
REV51987 (Jun.)Digital reverberator2U¥230,000
REV71985 (Jun.)Digital reverberator2U¥220,000
SPX50D1988 (May)Digital sound processor1U¥59,800
SPX901986 (Mar.)Digital multi-effect processor1U¥98,000
SPX90 II1987 (Apr.)Digital multi-effect processor1U¥89,900
YDD26001984 (Mar.)Professional digital delay3U¥1,500,000


REX501987 (Jun.)Digital multi effector¥49,800


RC5Remote control unit
RC71986 (Apr.)Remote control unit¥4,800
RCR11984 (Mar.)Remote control unit¥450,000



AM6021989 (Apr.)Mixer¥27,000
AM8021989 (Apr.)Mixer¥50,000
DMP71987 (May)Digital mixing processor¥448,000
DMP7D1988 (Aug.)Digital mixing processor¥500,000
KM6021986 (Nov.)Mixer¥27,200
KM8021986 (Nov.)Mixer¥45,400
MJ1001988 (July)Mixer¥36,300
RM6021984 (Dec.)Recording mixer¥59,000


DMP111988 (Aug.)Digital mixing processor4U¥198,000
MV4221987 (Nov.)Mixer3U¥110,000
MV8021986 (Dec.)Mixer2U¥51,100
MV16021989 (Jun.)Mixer6U¥135,000


PLS11988 (May)Programmable line selector2U¥58,000


RTC11989 (Mar.)Mixer remote control¥115,000


AD2X1990 (Apr.)2ch AD converter1U¥150,000
AD8X1990 (Apr.)8ch AD converter2U¥400,000
AD8081988 (Aug.)AD converter2U¥400,000
DA2X1992 (Dec.)2ch DA converter1U¥220,000
DA8X1990 (Oct.)8ch DA converter2U¥350,000
DA2021988 (Aug.)DA converter1U¥100,000
FMC11988 (Jun.)Format converter1U¥35,000
IFU11988 (Aug.)Interface unit2U¥85,000
IFU21988 (Aug.)Interface unit1U¥48,000
IFU31988 (Aug.)Interface unit1U¥48,000
IFU41988 (Aug.)Interface unit1U¥54,000


CMX1 (MT1X)1985 (Dec.)Multitrack cassette recorder¥94,500
CMX100 (MT100)1988 (May)Multitrack cassette recorder¥52,000
CMXII (MT2X)1987 (Mar.)Multitrack cassette recorder¥99,800
CMXIII (MT3X)1989 (Mar.)Multitrack cassette recorder¥91,600
MT44D1984 (Dec.)Multitrack cassette recorder¥80,000
YPDR6011991 (Apr.)Professional disc recorder3U¥2,200,000


FS11984 (Dec.)Footswitch¥1,500
PA111985 (Dec.)Battery pack¥3,500
YMC21987 (July)MIDI converter¥9,800


RC6011991 (Mar.)Remote controller¥400,000

Cassette decks

SC4001981School cassette deck
TC-800GL1975 (Jun.)Natural Sound Stereo Cassette Deck¥75,000


MLA71987 (May)Mic line amplifier1U¥47,500
P1150Power amplifier
P1500Power amplifier
P2040Power amplifier
P2150Power amplifier3U
PD25001986 (Dec.)Power amplifier¥205,000


F10401980 (Apr.)Frequency dividing network2U¥150,000


KS101985 (Dec.)Keyboard speaker¥11,000
MS20S1990 (Apr.)Monitor speaker¥24,500
MS1011988 (July)Monitor speaker¥11,500
MS2021988 (Jun.)Monitor speaker¥24,500
S10X1984 (Dec.)Monitor speaker¥18,400
S20X1984 (Dec.)Monitor speaker¥26,000

Misc. MIDI


MB011988 (June)MIDI box1U¥75,000
MEP41986 (Mar.)MIDI event processor1U¥48,000
MJC4MIDI junction controller1U
MJC81986 (May)MIDI junction controller1U¥38,000


DRC201989 (Nov.)Disk recorder¥50,000
MCS21986 (Mar.)MIDI control station¥40,000
MDF11986 (Nov.)MIDI data filer¥39,800
MPC11988 (May)MIDI program controller¥15,000
MSS11987 (Aug.)MIDI synchronizer¥118,000
YMC101984 (Dec.)MIDI converter¥15,000
YME81984 (July)MIDI expander¥9,800
YMM21986 (Sep.)MIDI merge box¥15,000


MIDI01MIDI cable
MIDI03MIDI cable¥1,400
MIDI05MIDI cable
MIDI15MIDI cable¥3,800



FC4Foot switch¥3,000
FC5Foot switch¥1,500
FC7Foot controller
FC9Foot controller


BC1Breath controller¥3,000
BC2Breath controller


RAM11983Data cartridge¥15,000
RAM41986Data cartridge¥7,000
RAM5Data cartridge
VRC01SDX7s voice ROM¥9,800
VRC02SDX7s voice ROM¥9,800
VRC03SDX7s voice ROM¥9,800
WDB01WX7 voice data bank¥2,800
WDB02WX7 voice data bank¥12,800
WRC01Waveform data cartridge¥11,800
WRC02Waveform data cartridge¥11,800
WRC03Waveform data cartridge¥11,800
WRC04Waveform data cartridge¥11,800


ADP1Cartridge adaptor¥2,800
ARM1Rack-mount adaptor¥18,000
EMM151.5MB RAM memory upgrade¥60,000
MCD32Memory card
MF2 DDMicro floppy disk
RB35BSystem rack¥22,000
RFB011986 (Mar.)Rack-mount adaptor2U
YFD2 DDMicro floppy disk


Due to the rareness of some of the original manuals and the poor quality of the PDFs found online, in 2020 I started redrawing and reprinting some of them.

The manuals sold here aren't photocopies but full 1:1 remakes: everything has been copied and redrawn by hand: same paper sizes, stocks, same quality of the originals at a lower price.

If you'd like to request a particular reprint don't hesitate to ask by sending me an email.

Available manuals

Yamaha DX7 Owner's Manual + Performance Notes€ 24.99
Yamaha DX9 Owner's Manual + Performance Notes€ 24.99

An unknown amount of Yamaha supplemental booklets were available at Yamaha dealers during the 1980s, containing in-depth information complementing what was available on official manuals. A complete selection of booklets for the Yamaha DX7 II is available from the DX7s, DX7II-D and DX7II-FD pages, a QX3 one has been found as well. Please get in touch if you happen to have more related material.


Voice data for major Yamaha's synthesizers, including factory patches, commercial cartridges and user-created sounds in sysex format.

Articles, Magazines
& Brochures

Random printed staff printed by Yamaha or related to Yamaha synthesizers. Excerpts from books and magazines have been translated to HTML so that Google can find them.