Yamaha YRM31 (301)

MIDI recorder

Initially sold for ¥9,800

This software turns your CX5MII into a 4-track real time MIDI recorder. You can record up to 4 separate tracks of MIDI data (including velocity and control change information). Each of these tracks can be edited separately. You can punch-in on even just 1 note, add, delete or copy measures, and merge tracks together.

Just as with multi-track tape recording, you can "pingpong" several tracks onto one, and continue recording on the tracks that have opened up. And because you are recording only digital information, there will never be any noise build or signal loss. Since the MIDI Recorder is disk-compatible, all data can be saved onto or loaded from a floppy disk using the FD03 or FD05 floppy disk drive.

Yamaha YRM301 record screen
Yamaha YRM301 record screen