Yamaha CX7M/128

Music Computer

Yamaha CX7M/128 MSX2 computer

Original price unknown

The Yamaha CX7M/128 music computer is the successor of the CX5M line of MSX computers, now featuring one extra cartridge slot and full MSX2 standard compatibility, aimed at the Japanese music production market (hence the Japanese keybaord). As the name implies, it has 128kB of RAM and 128kB of VRAM, and features a pre-installed SFG05 module.

It was also sold under the YIS brand as the YIS604/128 without the music capabilities or as the CX7/128 without the SFG05 module.

Yamaha CX7M/128, FB01, FD05 and mouse
Yamaha CX7M/128, FB01, FD05 and mouse