Yamaha DX7 Manual

High quality reprint

Yamaha DX7 operating manual performance notes buy print pdf
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Operating Manual + Performance Notes
High quality 2020 Reprint

This is a 1:1 replica of the original 1984 Yamaha DX7 (mk.1) Operating Manual and its companion folder Performance Notes. Every inch of the original 32 pages booklet has been meticulously re-created, every illustration redrawn. This is not a photocopied manual, this is a professional reprint .

What you will get:

  • "Operating manual", a 21×28cm saddle stitch bound booklet, 32 pages, black and white uncoated interior + cmyk colour coated glossy cover
  • "Performance notes", a 42×27cm folded sheet, black and white, uncoated paper
Yamaha DX7 operating manual performance notes buy print pdf

Perfect in
every detail

This is an unmissable opportunity to own a piece of history in mint conditions. If you search "Yamaha DX7 manual pdf" on Google you'll just get a lot of rubbish. Bad photocopies don't do justice so the whole manual plus the attached booklet has been digitally recreated.

Yamaha DX7 how to manual pdf booklet Yamaha DX7 owners manual reissue high quality

Feel free to send a message for any questions. A reprint of the DX9 Operating Manual is available as well. More manuals will be redrawn if there's enough interest.

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