Yamaha DS55

Digital synthesizer

Yamaha EOS DS55 fm 4op digital synthesizer
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1988 (Dec.)
Initially sold for ¥79,000

The Yamaha DS55 digital synthesizer is one of the last "classic" FM synthesizer, close relative of the YS100 retaining however the typical design language of the 1980s. It effectively repackages a 4op FM synth in an extremely user-friendly interface, acting as a bridge between the Portatone keyboards and the full-featured DX synthesizers such as the Yamaha DX11..

The DS55 comes pre-programmed with 200 voices, but also includes an easy editing system which allows you to modify the sound of the preset in a number of ways, then store the results in any of 100 user memory locations.

Voices can be played in "single" mode, layered with "dual" mode or assigned to the lower and upper sections of the DS55 keyboard via the "split" mode. The built in digital delay is a welcome addition: each preset has its own delay settings, on or off, short or long. Through MIDI, a "multi-instrument" mode can be accessed and lets you independently play 8 voices at once. A feedback control is available on the rear panel that can be used for fine adjustment of the overall length of the delay effects.

An "Auto Performance" function provides a range of 43 sequences that can be used for accompaniment while playing. There are three types of sequences: pattern change, key shift or arpeggio.

In Japan in was sold under the EOS brand, simply called EOS DS55.


  • 200 superb preset FM voices.
  • Easy editing of preset voices for storage in any of 100 user memory locations
  • Single, split and dual play modes.
  • Built-in effects.
  • Stunning Auto Performance function for fully automated accompaniment.
  • Multi-instrument mode that functions as an 8-instrument multi-voice tone generator.
  • Full-size 61-key keyboard with initial touch response.
  • Full MIDI compatibility and features.

Yamaha DS55 brochure
Yamaha DS55 brochure

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