Yamaha RCR1

Remote control unit

Yamaha RCR1 remote control for REV1

1984 (Mar.)
Initially sold for ¥450,000

Essential remote interface for the REV1 digital reverberator.

Use of the remote control unit enables the following three elements to be perfectly controlled: direct sound; early reflections; and subsequent reverberation. By varying the settings for these three elements, the natural acoustic properties of concert halls can be accurately simulated. In addition, the remote control unit is equipped with a lighted 64x240 dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD). Any one of eight different graphical display modes for such values as reverb waveforms (W/F) or reverb time (R/T) can be chosen to aid in the setting of data. Reverb time has two different displays: Delay 1 and Delay 2; and there are displays for the low and high pass filters.

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