Yamaha YIS503 II

Home personal computer

Yamaha MSX YIS 503 II home personal computer

1985 (Jun.)
Initially sold for ¥59,800

The Yamaha YIS503II home personal computer is the upgrade to the late 1983 Yamaha YIS503 MSX computer. It comes with 64KB of RAM preinstalled and 16KB of VRAM, it supports new MSX specifications such as DISK and MSX-DOS, and has a new all-black chassis with one extra cartridge slot. This allows to easily plug in an external disk drive such as the FD03 or FD05 without losing the ability to use cartridges. Together with the composite and RF outputs there's now also a 21-pin RGB output connector to enjoy better and clearer images.

It's the same computer as the CX5MII but sold without any modules preinstalled in the side expansion slot. A couple of feet on the back lets you tilt the whole keyboard.

Yamaha YIS503II advertisement
Yamaha YIS503II advertisement
Somebody left a Yamaha YIS503II on a table
Somebody left a Yamaha YIS503II on a table
Yamaha YIS503II on MSX Magazine
Yamaha YIS503II on MSX Magazine



3.58 MHz Zilog Z80 CPU
64 kb (up to 128 kb) RAM, 16 kb VRAM, 32 kb ROM

Connection terminals and interfaces

2 cartridge slots
Expander port
Printer connector
Joystick port 1, Joystick port 2
Tape interface
Video RF output, video composite output, RGB output