Yamaha MA10

Headphone amplifier

Yamaha MA10 microphone amplifier producer series

1982 (Mar.)
Initially sold for ¥16,800

One of the small complementary devices of the Producer Series. The Yamaha MA10 is a microphone amplifier that can actually be used in many different situations, especially for instrumental rehearsals. It offers a stereo monitor input, a stereo auxiliary input and an instrument input.

Together with the monitor and line outputs, two sets of headphones can be plugged in the amplifier, even allowing for splitters to be plugged in so that the whole band can listen to the final output without the need of a speaker system. The volume and master volume controls also allow for distortion/overdrive to be dialed in.

It can also run on two AA batteries. An alternate black version was also available. An optional pouch was sold as well.

Yamaha Producer Series advertisement
Yamaha Producer Series advertisement