Yamaha YPR8

Portable piano

Yamaha YPR8 digital piano
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1985 (Apr.)
Initially sold for ¥69,800

"Pianos for pennies": the Yamaha is a portable piano with full size keys that was launched alongside the YPR6 at a slightly higher price. 5 FM voices to choose from: 3 types of piano, harpsichord and vibes. Even if the features are very limited, the main advantage of the YPR6 and YPR8 compared to similarly-priced Portasound keyboards is the adoption of the higher quality YM2515 chip, the 4op sound generator built for the DX21/DX27/DX100 synthesizers.

The key differences with the YPR6 are the use of keys sensitive to initial touch, a "stereo symphonic" sound option and a more powerful amplifier.

Yamaha YPR6 and YPR8
Yamaha YPR6 and YPR8
YPR8 and its music stand
YPR8 and its music stand



61 keys with initial touch

Sound source

FM tone generator (4 operators)

Memory capacity

5 preset voices

Connection terminals and interfaces

Damper jack

Dimensions and weight

910w x 10h x 33d / 36" x 4" x 13"
7.7Kg / 16.9lbs


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Yamaha YPR8

Yamaha YPR-8 61-Keys Portable Keyboard Synthesizer

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