Yamaha DX7s

Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer

Yamaha DX7s DX7 synthesizer
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1987 (Jun.)
Initially sold for ¥156,000

The DX7s is a direct upgrade to the 6op FM lineup featuring a major redesign of the interface in an attempt to simplify the process of creating sounds. Even if settings were differently organized, the small LCD doesn't help at all, compared to the larger one available on the DX7 mk.2.

It was in fact released together with the DX7 mk.2, retaining the same shell, the new digital to analog converter and a large part of the functionalities. The lower price implies however missing stereo capabilities and layering, but overall it still doesn't feel like a simple repackage of the original 1983 synthesizer.

Yamaha DX7s brochure
Yamaha DX7s brochure
Yamaha DX7s advertisement
Yamaha DX7s advertisement



61 keys
Touch control: inital touch, after touch

Sound source

FM tone generator (6 operators, 32 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Polyphonic: 16 notes
Monophonic: 1 note

Memory capacity

Voice memory: 1 bank x 64 voices
Performance memory: 1 bank x 32 performances
2 micro tunings
1 system set-up

Connection terminals and interfaces

Output (unbalanced)
Output Phones (phone jack)
Control jack: sustain, foot switch, foot control 1, foot control 2
Cartridge insert
Breath control

Dimensions and weight

999w x 85.8h x 333.7d (mm)