Yamaha KM802


Yamaha KM802 mixer
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1986 (Nov.)
Initially sold for ¥45,400

The Yamaha KM802 is a compact and affordable 8 in 2 out analog mixer. It has 8 monaural line inputs, the first two ones can be switched to accept a low-level input such as a microphone. It also features three sends for channels 3~8, with stereo return for each but there's no built-in chorus effects like on the smaller sibling KM602.

Just like its other version however, the KM802 features a very clever design for its faders. A coloured plastic strip covers the bottom part of the fader pit, while the top part is black: as a result the coloured part acts as a highly visible indicator of the position of the fader.


  • Three post-fader sends on each channel (channels 3~8) respond to the trend toward multi-effector setups.
  • Three stereo effect returns let you enjoy the full spacious sound of effect devices with stereo outputs.
  • Highly visible fader position markers let you see volume settings even on dimly lighted stages.
  • Stereo headphone monitoring jack with volume control independent from main output.
  • Unique space-saving design, of the same width of the TX7 and QX21 for easy stacking.


Connection terminals and interfaces

CH IN (x8)
AUX send 1, AUX send 2, AUX send 3
AUX return 1 (L, R), AUX return 2 (L, R), AUX return 3 (L, R)
Stereo OUT (L, R), Phones

Dimensions and weight

354w x 85h x 303d (mm)

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