Yamaha REV5

Digital reverberator

Yamaha REV5 80s reverb rack
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1987 (Jun.)
Initially sold for ¥230,000

Updated REV7 with a 44.1kHz DAC, better sounding algorithms and a few more options such as programmable 3 band EQs. Sold for 1179£ in the UK.

Can be controlled via a RC7 remote.


  • Improved sound quality with a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
  • Comprehensive, programmable digital 3-band parametric EQ system in addition to a master 3-band parametric EQ section.
  • Studio-quality modulation effects, such as stereo flange, stereo phasing, and tremolo.
  • Independent control of delay, reverb, and diffusion parameters in reverb programs.
  • Separate 1st reflection right-, left-, and center-delay/level parameters.
  • Secondary reverb time, delay, and level controls enable production of a second layer of reverberation to augment the primary reverberation.
  • Space modulation parameter creates periodic variation in reverberation program to recreate actual interference between reflections in a live acoustic environment.
  • Custom reverberation programs designed by professional sound engineers to enhance the sounds of specific sources.
  • Reverb and Gate programs, a pan program, and several pitch change programs (with MIDI control) for stunning harmonizer and chorus effects
  • 30 main effect programs, and 60 user-programmable memory locations.
  • 9 unique combination programs, such as chorus/reverb/gate, for professional multi-effect processing.
Yamaha REV5 brochure cover
Yamaha REV5 brochure cover
REV5 on Sound On Sound, Nov 1987
REV5 on Sound On Sound, Nov 1987

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Yamaha REV5

Yamaha Rev 5

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Yamaha REV5, Digital Reverberator, 16 Bit, 120V, 30W, 60HZ

Buy used Yamaha REV5, Digital Reverberator, 16 Bit, 120V, 30W, 60HZ
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