Yamaha YIS805/128

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Yamaha YIS 805 125 MSX computer

1986 (Jun.)
Initially sold for ¥148,000

The Yamaha YIS805 is the latest MSX computer built by Yamaha before abandoning the personal computer market.. Compared to the more expensive 256 option, the 128 variant has 128kB of RAM and only one integrated floppy drive. An additional floppy disk drive (the Yamaha EDF-10) could be purchased and inserted in the empty slot.

The YIS805 is also the only computer of the MSX line to have a separated keyboard with a numeric pad (only the KB1 of the original YIS had a numeric pad as well). The front of the unit has two cartridge slots and two joystick connectors. The back of the unit can house a standard Yamaha expansion card.

No need for a character expansion: the kanji set of the SKW05 is already integrated. A Yamaha software called "The painter" is also preloaded and can be accessed via the CALL PAINT instruction. Additionally, a floppy disk containing MSX-DOS1 was provided in the box.

The computer was only sold in the Japanese market.

Advertisement for the YIS805/256
Advertisement for the YIS805/256