Yamaha TX802

FM tone generator

Yamaha TX802 rack DX7 synthesizer
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1987 (Jun.)
Initially sold for ¥184,000

The TX802 is a rackmount unit part of Yamaha second generation DX line. The tone generator is identical to the one found on the DX7II, with the same 16bit DAC giving it a clearer sound than the original 12bit DX7.

The main difference with its keyboard sibling is the ability to stack up to 8 patches, albeit keeping a maximum polyphony of 16 voices. Each instrument has its own output jack, making it a highly flexible machine even if the stacking ability (before only available on the TX816 and FB01) was then later added to the DX7II as well via third party expansions.

In Performance Mode, Instrument Volume selects the volume for each particular instrument (0-99). When sending midi volume controller #7 all instruments volume are adjusted so that the performance stays in balance within itself, which means the single voice can't be adjusted individually.

Data can be saved to cartridge: the unit can use various formats such as TX802, DX7II and DX7 cartridges. As expected, the patches are compatible with other 6op synthesizers.


  • 128 preset voices, plus 64 user and 64 cartridge voices — a total of 256 ultra-expressive FM voices.
  • Select up to 8 different voices to make one "performance", and play them simultaneously.
  • Assign each voice to a different MIDI channel, and a different note range.
  • Stereo outputs plus 8 individual outputs permit processing of individual voices.
  • Multiple graphic displays and a pull-out operation guide make editing faster and easier than ever.
Yamaha TX802 brochure
Yamaha TX802 brochure
Cover of After Touch June 1987
Cover of After Touch June 1987



Sound source

FM tone generator (6 operators, 32 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Polyphonic: single 16 / dual 8 / split 8+8
Monophonic: single 1 / dual 1 / split 1+1

Memory capacity

Voice memory: 1 bank x 128 voices
User voices: 1 bank x 64 voices
Performance memory: 1 bank x 64 performances

Connection terminals and interfaces

Individual Output 1-8
Mixed OUT I, II, Phones
Cartridge port

Dimensions and weight

480w x 94.5h x 297d (mm)


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Yamaha TX802

Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator

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Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator 1986 - Black

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Yamaha TX802 FM Tone Generator Synthesizer

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