Yamaha KX5

Remote keyboard

Yamaha KX5 MIDI keytar
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1984 (May)
Initially sold for ¥65,000

Budget version of the bigger KX1 with the same concept: a remote MIDI keyboard controller with no sound engine but good performance controls. This time with small keys. Considering the similarity of features it may as well be the same circuit in a smaller shell.

Available in silver o black. Released in 1984 for 449£, the price was apparently cut down to 199£ by 1985.

Yamaha KX5 advertisement
Yamaha KX5 advertisement
KX5 on After Touch
KX5 on After Touch



37 keys (mini keyboard)
Touch control: initial touch, after touch

Power source

"AA" or R6 Battery x 6
7 hours in continuous use

Connection terminals and interfaces

Breath control

Dimensions and weight

914w x 80h x 191d (mm) / 36” x 3-1/8” x 7-1/2”
3.7Kg / 8.2lbs.