Yamaha SPX90 II

Digital multi-effect processor

Yamaha SPX90 II mk2 effects rack
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1987 (Apr.)
Initially sold for ¥89,900

Virtually identical to the SPX90, with few minor changes such as the maximum delay being increased from half a second to two seconds and the range of some of the parameter values expanded.

Can be controlled with the RC7 remote unit.


  • Reverb: Four distinct reverb programs provide rich, lifelike recreations of the ambience of various acoustic environments.
  • Early reflection: The first discrete reflections of a sound before reverb begins. This effect helps bring punch and presence to vocals and instruments.
  • Delay: Independent delay settings for both right and left channels expand the range of delay effects. Maximum delay time is 2 seconds.
  • Echo: The gradual decay of discrete reflections. Right and left channels are also independently programmable for complex echo effects.
  • Modulation: Professional-quality modulation effects (Stereo Flange, Chorus, Stereo Phasing, Tremolo, Vibrato, and Symphonic) enrich the sound.
  • Auto panning: An automatic pan (with programmable direction, speed, and depth) of the sound between right and left channels.
  • Reverb and gate: A programmable gate controls the envelope of the reverb sound, creating a wide range of unique and unusual sonic possibilities.
  • Pitch change: Varies the pitch of an input signal over a two-octave range. Both fine (one cent) and coarse (one semitone) adiustments enable chorus and harmonizer effects. Harmonies can be played by keyboard or sequencer through MIDI control.
  • Freeze: Records, up to two seconds of sound for complete or partial playback at any pitch. Playback can be triggered from the front panel, a MIDI instrument, a footswitch, or by any input signal.
  • Compressor: An extremely effective yet subtle way to smooth out the dynamics of a sound
  • ADR/Noise gate: This program uses an envelope or gate to control the volume contour of any input signal, for gating sounds or creating reverse gate effects. The program can be triggered by the incoming signal or by footswitch.
  • Parametric EQ: Programmable 2-band parametric equalization plus variable Hi-pass/Low-pass filters
  • Remote control unit (optional): Permits instant recall of preset effects from any location.
Yamaha SPX90II brochure cover
Yamaha SPX90II brochure cover

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Yamaha SPX90II Rack Mount Reverb Effects Processor tested working

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Yamaha SPX90 II Digital Sound Processor

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