Yamaha RAM5

Data cartridge

Yamaha RAM5 RAM4 DX7II RX5 cartridge

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The Yamaha RAM5 cartridge is a multiple bank cartridge that can store 4 banks of cartridge data. This means that one RAM5 cartridge can hold as much data as four RAM4 cartridges. Any Yamaha product that uses the RAM4 cartridge can also use the RAM5 cartridge. Each bank must be formatted separately to accomodate the desired type of data.


  • Enhanced Memory Capabilities — Quadruple the memory storage of the Yamaha RAM4 cartridge
  • Works with all Yamaha products that can use the RAM4 cartridge
  • Two different modes of bank selection: switches or bank select parameters
  • Multi-Bank Model enhances performance abilities of some Yamaha products
  • 10 Year Battery Life
  • New electronic design for memory protect switch