Yamaha YRM11 (104)

FM music macro

Yamaha YRM11 YRM104 MSX cartridge

1983 (Nov.)
Initially sold for ¥7,800

The Yamaha FM Music Macro software cartridge allows the voicing and performance potential of the Yamaha FM Sound Synthesizer unit to be used within the framework of an MSX Basic program. Versatile Basic commands are provided for voice selection, music composition, and automatic performance. These special commands are used in a Basic program along with the full range of commands available in MSX Basic, adding the vast potential of the Yamaha FM sound Synthesizer unit to standard Basic programming. (The YRM504 allows you to store data on floppy disks as well).


  • Up to four different voices may be used for simultaneous performance, providing dynamic musical performance capability within a Basic program.
  • Music may be composed with up to 8 separate parts.
  • Preset rhythm patterns may also be selected and modified for automatic performance along with the other synthesized voices.
  • For a wider range of expressive control, volume and pitch may also be modified during performance of an individual voIce.
  • Performance data can be output to Yamaha DX synthesizers and other MIDI compatible instruments.
Yamaha YRM11 screenshot
Yamaha YRM11 screenshot