Yamaha MFC1

MIDI foot controller

Yamaha MFC-1 MIDI foot controller
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1986 (Nov.)
Initially sold for ¥28,000

The Yamaha MFC1 is a versatile MIDI foot control device that leaves your hands free to play an instrument or carry out other operations while offering broad control of MIDI program change and control change functions.

Received MIDI data from the MIDI IN terminal is merged with the data internally generated by the MFC1 and delivered via the MIDI OUT terminal, which will then be connected to an effect unit such as the Yamaha SPX90 digital multi-effect processor, a synthesizer, tone generator, sequencer, etc.

The MFC1 "chain" function is also a great plus, letting you transmit a sequence of MIDI commands just by pressing a footswitch.


Connection terminals and interfaces

Foot switch
Foot control

Dimensions and weight

466w x 53h x 197d (mm) / 18-3/8” x 2-1/8” x 7-3/4”
1.7Kg / 3.7lbs.

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Yamaha MFC1

Yamaha MFC1 90’s - Black

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Yamaha MFC-1 MIDI Foot Controller

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