Yamaha MR10

Drum machine

Yamaha MR10 analog drum machine

1982 (Dec.)
Initially sold for ¥19,800

The MR10 is Yamaha's only analog drum machine to date. It's part of the Producer Series and meant to be used along the CS01, MM10 and others. There are 5 available drum sound: bass drum, snare, two toms and cymbal. Controls are scarce, only bass drum and cymbal have independent volume knobs, but the most interesting one may be the master tune control which gives you some freedom in shaping the sound of the snare and toms.

There are 3 "banks" of patterns, corresponding to rhythm variations, and 12 preprogrammed patterns. Mixing the pattern and the rhythm give some interesting results. Patterns can't be recorded, although drums can of course be played "live" (with fingers, not with drum sticks). The bass drum can also be activated by an optional pedal to be plugged in on the side of the device.