Yamaha SFG01

FM sound synthesizer unit

Yamaha SFG01 MSX sound synthesizer unit

1983 (Nov.)
Initially sold for ¥19,800

Interchangeable core of the Yamaha's music computers. Built in FM sound source with 48 types of tone data (46 presets and two empty voices) and 8 notes polyphony. The SFG01 has stereo audio outputs, a proprietary input to connect a keyboard peripheral such as the YK01 or the YK10 and a MIDI out.

Due to ROM size the SFG01 doesn't have a MIDI input, a limitation fixed soon after with the release of the SFG05. The SFG01 was also available in a configuration without any MIDI connector, called SFK01.

The interface displayed is entirely text-based, with keyboard controls to change tone data.

Yamaha SFG01 included FM editor
Yamaha SFG01 included FM editor