Yamaha QX5-FD

Digital sequence recorder

Yamaha QX5-FD sequencer midi floppy
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1988 (July)
Initially sold for ¥89,800

The QX5-FD is an 8 track MIDI sequencer with extensive editing functions and a built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive.

Essentially it's a QX5 with a floppy disk drive and a very comfortable rotary dial (the one also found on the QX3) in a bigger shell. Same exact quirks and features.


  • Tracks & Macros: 8 tracks and 32 macros give you great versatility in your composing and arranging. Tracks can be given a one-character label to help you remember the contents.
  • Memory Capacity: you can record approximately 20,000 notes (15,000 when recording velocity data). Recording controller data (Aftertouch, etc.) will also use memory.
  • Disk Drive: song data can be saved to and loaded from the built-in 3.5" floppy disk, wither as an entire song, as individual tracks, or just the setup used in a song.
  • Data Entry Dial: the front panel dial can be used for speedy entry of data, position, or settings.
  • Relative Tempo: tempo changes can be inserted at any point.
  • 3 Position Memories: three measure positions can be stored and jumped to at the touch of a switch.
  • Locate: recording and playback can be set to automatically begin from a certain measure.
  • Punch In/Out Recording: you can set recording to begin and end at specified measures.
  • Step Recording: a MIDI keyboard and the QX5FD panel switches can be used to enter complex phrases note by note.
  • Unlimited Editing: recorded data can be edited by track, measure or event.
  • MIDI re-channelizing: each incoming and outgoing channel of MIDI messages can be independently reassigned to a different channel.
  • Tape Sync: an FSK tape sync signal can be recorded on tape to synchronize the QX5FD with a multitrack recorder.
  • Backlit LCD: the two-line 16-character LCD is backlit for easy visibility even in dim lighting.
QX5-FD on After Touch
QX5-FD on After Touch
Another shot from After Touch
Another shot from After Touch