Yamaha YPR6

Portable piano

Yamaha YPR6 digital piano

1985 (Apr.)
Initially sold for ¥49,800

"Pianos for pennies": the Yamaha is a portable piano with full size keys that was launched alongside the YPR8 at half the price of a DX27. 5 FM voices to choose from: 3 types of piano, harpsichord and vibes. Even if the features are very limited, the main advantage of the YPR6 and YPR8 compared to similarly-priced Portasound keyboards is the adoption of the higher quality YM2515 chip, the 4op sound generator built for the DX21/DX27/DX100 synthesizers (later boards had the YM2164).

Yamaha YPR6 and YPR8
Yamaha YPR6 and YPR8