Yamaha GC2020


Yamaha GC2020 compressor limiter
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1984 (Dec.)
Initially sold for ¥49,800

The Yamaha GC2020 is a high-performance 2-channel compressor/limiter that can be effectively used in recording, sound reinforcement, and other production applications. The GC2020 offers a wide variety of control features for precise tailoring of compression and limiting parameters, and it also features an expander type noise gate in each channel for effective noise reduction.

Further, the GC2020 offers all this with exceptionally high audio quality – full 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response and no more than 0.03% total harmonic distortion. Operation can be carried out either in stereo mode or, using the link switch, in dual mono mode, allowing to completely different signals to be processed using independent compression or limiting characteristics. A minor revision came out in 1986 as the GC2020B.


  • A full 20Hz-to-20kHz frequency response with no more than 0.03% THD at maximum output.
  • Switch selectable dual-mono and stereo modes.
  • Comp In/Out switches on both channels; activates or bypasses compression/limiter circuitry; LED indicates status.
  • Expander Gate with a variable threshold level on each channel eliminates background hiss and noise during no-signal portions of a program.
  • A 5-segment LED meter on each channel indicates how much compression or limiting is being applied.
  • Separate adjustments on each channel provide precise threshold control
  • Variable compression controls on each channel provide precise tailoring of compression ratio.
  • Variable attack and release-time adjustments on each channel provide natural sound with a wide variety of signals.
  • Input and Output level controls on each channel give broad compatibility with professional equipment.
  • Input and Output connections utilize both standard 1/4" phone jacks and XLR balanced connectors.
Yamaha GC2020 compressor brochure cover
Yamaha GC2020 compressor brochure cover


Connection terminals and interfaces

Channel 1 INPUT (1/4" mono, RCA), OUTPUT (1/4" mono, RCA), DETECTOR IN, OUT
Channel 2 INPUT (1/4" mono, RCA), OUTPUT (1/4" mono, RCA), DETECTOR IN, OUT

Dimensions and weight

480w x 45.2h x 311.5d (mm)


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