Yamaha YRM56 (506)

FB01 voicing program

Yamaha YRM505 YRM56 MSX cartridge

Initially sold for ¥9,800

The Yamaha FB01 Voicing Program (YRM506 or YRM56 in Japan) is a ROM cartridge which is used with the Yamaha FB01 FM Sound Generator to create voices. This allows a wide variety of original voices to be created by the FM sound generator system, in addition to the 240 voices already contained in the FB01. Furthermore, it also simplifies the process of Configuration creation.


  • The ROM cartridge program allows the user to alter the voices contained in the FB01 FM Sound Generator unit, as well as create new voices from scratch.
  • The data can be displayed on screen as they are entered from the Music Computer (or MSX computer equipped with an FM Synthesizer Unit) keyboard. Sound can also be output for checking the voice data as it is edited or created.
  • Newly created voice data can be saved on cassette tape or Data Memory cartridges (UDC01) and later utilized with the YRM104 FM Music Macro and/or YRM501 FM Music Composer II program cartridges.
  • The voice data and the table of voices can both be printed out using an optional printer.
  • Newly created voicing data can be saved onto a floppy disk (with SFG05 Synthesizer unit only).
  • Playback using MIDI keyboard instead of the special music keyboard becomes possible (with SFG05 Synthesizer unit only).
Yamaha YRM506 editor
Yamaha YRM506 editor