Yamaha SFG05

FM sound synthesizer unit II

Yamaha SFG05 MSX FM sound synthesizer unit

1985 (Jun.)
Initially sold for ¥29,800

The Yamaha SFG-05 (or SFGII) is an FM tone generator unit that plugs into the slide slot of an MSX computer. When used with a Yamaha Music Keyboard (YK-01, YK-10, YK-20) or MIDI keyboard, it transforms your MSX into a digital synthesizer with wide possibilities. Updated version of the SFG01 previously available on early MSX computers.


  • Play a solo voice with rhythm and Auto Bass Chord accompaniment.
  • Play up to 8 notes polyphonically with 1 or 2 voices (4 voices if you use a MIDI keyboard).
  • Real time recording and playback of up to 1800 notes. (You can play chords too).
  • Connect to an external MIDI sequencer or rhythm machine and use as a 4-voice, 2-note MIDI tone generator. You can set MIDI reception channels independently for each voice.
  • By using the YRM15 (101) Music Composer software, you can play up to 8 different voices simultaneously.
  • Yamaha music software YRM 101~104 will run with no problems on the new SFG. However, the playback tempo for the Music Composer (YRM15 / 101) and Music Macro (YRM11 / 104) may be a bit slower than if used with the SFG01 (built-in FM Tone Generator of the CX5M).
Yamaha SFG05 advertisement
Yamaha SFG05 advertisement
Yamaha SFG05 demonstration at Microcomputer Show 1985 in Osaka
Yamaha SFG05 demonstration at Microcomputer Show 1985 in Osaka
SFG05 unit
SFG05 unit