Yamaha PN101

Dot impact printer

Yamaha PN101 MSX dot impact printer

Initially sold for ¥89,900

To convert your compositions, vice data, file lists, RX patterns and other music data to hard copy, Yamaha offers the PN-101 dot-impact printer.

The PN-101 is compact, lightweight, and offers the kind of performance you would expect from much larger, more expensive printers.

The PN-101 connects directly to the Music Computer's printer connector via a CB-01 printer cable (CB-02 in U.S. and W.Germany) and is ready to run. There are no interfaces to install, and no custom software to write.

Most Yamaha music software incorporates printout capability. The FM music composer for example, lets you print out hard copies of musical scores. The DX7 voicing program prints out copies of the voice programming parameters in easy-to-read graph and numeric form. The RX editor gives you hard copies of you rhythm patterns and song programs created for any one of Yamaha's renowned digital rhythm programmers.

(from "Yamaha music computer system", 1985)

This 9 dot printer for MSX computers accepts fan-fold paper, roll or sheet paper, and prints up to 80 characters per line. Printing speed is 40 characters per second. Overall, it's suspiciously similar to Brother's HR5 dot matrix printer, and it's likely that HR5 came out before Yamaha's version.

PN101 on After Touch
PN101 on After Touch