Yamaha DTS70

Drum trigger system

Yamaha DTS70 drum trigger system
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1991 (Sep.)
Initially sold for ¥100,000

The Yamaha DTS70 drum trigger system is designed to be the control center for any electronic drum system. The twelve, 1/4-inch trigger inputs on the back can accomodate many different input sources through adjustment of the three-position input level switches on the back, through the internal software, or a combination of the two.

Each input can be routed to sophisticated MIDI circuitry, or its own fast, dynamic trigger output. Once the analog input has been converted to the digital domain, the DTS70's processing power delivers the fastest possible conversion to MIDI, allowing accurate triggering from acoustic drums or electronic pads. As stated by Yamaha in an advertisement, the DTS70 was designed for and tested by leading drummers such as Dave Weckl and J.R. Robinson.


  • 12 trigger inputs, each with a 3-position level Attenuator switch, and 12 dynamic, fast, direct trigger outputs.
  • Automatic trigger learn and MIDI learn functions.
  • MIDI IN, 2 MIDI OUTs, MIDI THRU on the back panel. MIDI IN and OUT on the front panel. Assignable MIDI MERGE.
  • MIDI capabilities include sending up to 4 notes per input using Stack, Crossfade or Alternate modes.
  • Individual trigger curves for every assigned MIDI note, total control over MIDI velocity settings.
  • Realtime trigger level readout.
  • Level settings in db and Gate times in fractions of seconds.
  • Bypass input jack for foot pedal or pad control of the Bypass function.
  • 32 chains with 32 steps in each.
Yamaha DTS70 advertisement
Yamaha DTS70 advertisement