Yamaha MCS2

MIDI control station

Yamaha MCS2 midi control station
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1986 (Mar.)
Initially sold for ¥40,000

The MCS2 is capable of transmitting all MIDI Control Change messages, via its slider controls and keys. This made it an ideal companion for MIDI instruments which didn't offer MIDI Control Change transmission capability.

Messages received at the two MIDI IN terminals are merged (mixed) with the MIDI messages generated by the MCS2 itself and sent from MIDI OUT. MIDI IN 2 will accept only channel information to avoid conflicting timing messages.

While the manual inputs may be limited for the potential of this device, as MIDI Control Change messages can basically alter everything in a digital synthesizer, having a real time control over features that are usually not exposed for live modifications is well worth the cost of the MCS2.

The LCD is backlit but since it's not a dot matrix display it doesn't have the typical bright green backlight of the DX7 mk.2 or the TX802.

The MCS2 is the same width as the QX21 sequencer and the TX7 expander, for easy stacking.


  • 3 fixed controllers: pitch wheel, modulation wheel and breath controller jack.
  • 9 programmable controllers: 2 continuous sliders, 3 buttons, 2 foot controller jacks and 2 foot switch jacks.
  • MIDI timing clock and stop/start messages also provided.
  • 8 program select buttons permit transmission of MIDI program change messages 1 through 64.
  • Two MIDI IN terminals and a MIDI OUT terminal.
Yamaha MCS2 on After Touch
Yamaha MCS2 on After Touch
Yamaha MCS2 brochure
Yamaha MCS2 brochure
Yamaha MCS2 on Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1986
Yamaha MCS2 on Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1986




Push Switch 1, 2, 3
Foot Switch 1, 2
Foot Controller 1, 2
Pitch Bend Wheel
Modulation Wheel
Breath Controller
Continuous Slider 1, 2

Connection terminals and interfaces

Foot Controller 1, 2
Foot Switch 1, 2
Breath Controller

Dimensions and weight

350w x 53.7h x 202.5d (mm)
1.3Kg / 2lbs. 9oz.



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Yamaha MCS2

1980's Yamaha MCS2 MIDI Control Station

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Yamaha MCS2 Midi Control

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