Yamaha G10C

Guitar MIDI converter

Yamaha G10C guitar MIDI converter

1988 (May)
Initially sold for ¥90,000

The G10 system comes in two component parts: the MIDI guitar (G10) and the rack-mount MIDI converter (G10C).

Because the G10 comes ready to play out of the box, virtually no setup is required. A complete set of patches for both the TX81Z and TX802 FM synthesizers is contained within the G10 MIDI converter. These sounds have been voiced especially for use with the G10 system, and reside in permanent memory (ROM) within the G10C. All you need is either a TX81Z or TX802 and a MIDI cable to download the FM sound data to the appropriate tone generator.


64 internal performance memories can be programmed with data pertaining to how control data from the G10 is interpreted and converted to MIDI output. Programmable parameters include:

  • MIDI program number/performance memory assignment.
  • MIDI transmit channel for each string.
  • Volume for each string.
  • Open tuning for each string.
  • Normal or Left-hand trigger mode.
  • Capotasto fret position.
  • Legato ON/OFF.
  • Velocity curve assignment.
  • Sensitivity offset.
  • Mute sensitivity for each string.
  • Pitch bend send range.
  • Controller assignments.

Optional RAM4 data cartridges can be used to store performance memory data for instant recall when needed.

The G10C is equipped with a complete set of specially-programmed voices for the Yamaha TX802 and TX81Z FM tone generators. This data and the corresponding parameters can be directly downloaded to a TX802 or TX81Z via the MIDI interface and played right away.

Yamaha G10 system
Yamaha G10 system