Yamaha YPDR601

Professional disc recorder

Yamaha YPDR601 professional disc recorder

1991 (Apr.)
Initially sold for ¥2,200,000

The Yamaha Professional Disc Recorder (YPDR) system is composed of two parts: the YPDR601 Disc Recorder Unit, and the RC601 remote controller. The two are connected using a 50-pin cable.

The YPDR system provides two recording modes: TOC Pre (the Table Of Contents is first recorded and then audio recording is carried out) and TOC After (the Table Of Contents is written on the disc after all audio data has been recorded: this allows for variable track lengths, but means that the disc cannot be played on standard CD players until the TOC has been written).

The YPDR system is suitable for all professional audio applications where speedy production of a limited quantity of discs is required: recording studios, radios, ad agencies. Note that it's only capable to record CD-W once.


  • The YPDR system allows the recording of discs which may be replayed on standard CD players.
  • Up to 99 tracks may be recorded on one disc, and up to 99 index markers may be written within each track.
  • Recording of a disc need not be continuous audio data can be written from different sources (master tapes, etc.)
  • The operation of the YPDR system is similar to the operation of a tape-recorder, making disc production analogous to the assembly of a master tape.
  • Audio sources may be analog or digital (either SDIF-II or AES/EBU format).
  • Monitoring may be carried out while recording, either of the source or off-disc. The monitor output may be analog or digital (AES/EBU format).
  • Up to seven YPDR601 recorder units may be linked together and controlled from one controller for parallel recording, or for disc duplication.
Yamaha YPDR601 on Le Haut-Parleur n°1794, 15 nov 1991
Yamaha YPDR601 on Le Haut-Parleur n°1794, 15 nov 1991