Yamaha FB01

FM sound generator

Yamaha FB-01 module sound canvas
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1986 (Mar.)
Initially sold for ¥49,800

The FB01 is a 4-operator, 8-algorithm FM tone generator that can produce up to 8 notes simultaneously. The FB01 may be set to be 8 instruments, each playing monophonically, one instrument with 8-note polyphony, or any combination in-between.

240 voice memories are provided in ROM (5 banks of 48 voices), and 96 more voices memories are provided in RAM for you own voices. The voice data is compatible with the Yamaha CX5M's SFG05 sound synthesizer unit, and you can easily create your own sounds by using an external voice programming aid for the FB01.

In facts, it could be considered more as a standalone SFG05 module (although the FB01 allows velocity-sensitivity to be applied to envelope attack rate as well as level) than a cheaper version of the TX816.

The configuration of the entire FB01 (all settings for each instrument, MIDI channels, voice numbers, etc.) can be stored in Configuration Memory (there are 4 ROM presets and 16 RAM user memories).

The FB01 features a comprehensive implementation of MIDI. It will receive system exclusive event list messages to recognize and produce microtonal intervals or non-standard temperament, as well as many system exclusive messages for loading or saving voice and configuration memories. Different voices may be assigned to different MIDI channels for added flexibility

An optional case could be purchased to mount two FB01 in a 2U rack, called RFB01.


  • 4-operator digital FM tone generator
  • 240-voice internal ROM
  • 96-voice internal RAM (loaded from Music Computer)
  • 8-note polyphonic (can be divided into as many as 8 different voices).
  • MIDI IN, OUT, and THRU terminals.
Yamaha FB01 brochure
Yamaha FB01 brochure
Yamaha FB01 on Making Music, Nov 1986
Yamaha FB01 on Making Music, Nov 1986
Yamaha FB01 controlled by a CX7M/128
Yamaha FB01 controlled by a CX7M/128


Tone generator

FM tone generator (4 operators, 8 algorithms)

Simultaneous note output

Variable between 8 notes to 1 voice (last note priority) and 8 voices to 1 note (monophonic)

Memory capacity

ROM: 240 preset voices + Functions (5 banks x 48 voices)
RAM: 96 user voices + Functions (2 banks x 48 voices)

Connection terminals and interfaces

Audio OUT L, Audio OUT R

Dimensions and weight

218w x 48h x 274d (mm) / 8 7/12” x 1 11/12” x 10 5/6”
2.1Kg / 4.6lbs