Yamaha RX17

Digital rhythm programmer

Yamaha RX17 drum machine
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1987 (Mar.)
Initially sold for ¥46,000

At 329£, the RX17 was a very basic entry-level drum machine, but slightly more advanced than the RX21 and RX21L that used the same box.

The 26 samples available have a distinct 80s lo-fi feel, and are pretty much the same ones that can be found in similar low-end machines by Yamaha from that era.

The sound chip is the same found on the RX11 and RX15, defining these late 80s drum boxes as a new package of that older technology while the high-end RX7 and RX5 had much better processors and DACs inside.

Playback supports up to 11 mono sounds simultaneously.

Yamaha RX17 on After Touch, May 1987
Yamaha RX17 on After Touch, May 1987


Sound source

256Kbit wave ROM
26 voices

Memory capacity

100 patterns
10 songs
999 maximum parts within songs

Connection terminals and interfaces

Output L, Output R, Output Phones
Cassette IN, Cassette OUT

Dimensions and weight

350w x 54.5h x 202d (mm) / 13-25/32” x 2-5/32” x 7-31/32”
1.4Kg / 3lb. 7oz.