Yamaha PMC1

Percussion MIDI controller

Yamaha PMC1

1986 (Dec.)
Initially sold for ¥78,000

The PMC1 was an interface between Yamaha's percussion pads and any kind of synthesizer equipped with MIDI. The XLR connections adopted by Yamaha to connect the pads weren't common but they could work with Simmons pads from the early 80s as well.

Settings could be stored internally or copied to a Mk1 RAM cartridge. Each setup included a full control of how the input from the pads was treated and sent via MIDI. Velocity information for example could trigger a different note.

The package included a voice floppy disk for the TX816, suggesting the PMC1 as a great addition to an already existing studio made of Yamaha equipment.

Although the logo already uses the "worm" typeface, adopted from the mid 80s by Yamaha, the choice of a Mk1 cartridge and the overall design may be hinting that this module was one of the first to be developed by the company.