Yamaha GQ1031

Graphic equalizer

Yamaha GQ1031 graphic equalizer rack
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1984 (Dec.)
Initially sold for ¥39,800

Successor to the Q1027, the Yamaha GQ1031 is a 31-band (20Hz to 20KHz) graphic equalizer that fits in a 1U rack. It can be used as a mono equalizer or as a single channel one when paired with another similar unit. For convenience, Yamaha also sold two of them in a single box with a couple more features as the Yamaha Q2031. An upgraded version, the GQ1031B, was released in 1987, followed by the GQ1031BII in 1988.

With a retail price of 200£, it joins a long list of yamaha affordable yet high quality products for home musicians. The sliders are fairly short but the circuitry is very quiet and everything works smoothly as expected.


  • 31 bands of equalization with 12dB of boost or cut on each band.
  • Input level control adjusts input sensitivity, permitting optimum level matching with a wide range of sources, or can be used to match the level of equalized sound with that of bypassed (unequalized) sound.
  • EQ switch in addition to main power switch determines whether equalizer circuity is on or bypassed; LED indicator lights when EQ circuitry is on.
  • LED peak indicator lights when output level reaches or exceeds 3dB below the 20dB clip level.
  • Input and output connections are via either standard 1/4" phone jacks or XLR balanced connectors.

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Yamaha graphic equalizer GQ1031 31 band rack mount made in Japan

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