Yamaha YRM52 (502)

FM voicing program II

Yamaha YRM502

Initially sold for ¥9,800

Upgrade of the YRM102. The Yamaha FM Voicing Program software cartridge permits you to use the CX5MIl to create synthesizer voices and play them back by means of the CX5MIl's built-in FM Sound Synthesizer unit. While a rich assortment of preset voices is included with the FM Sound synthesizer unit, the FM Voicing Program further expands the creative potential of the CX5MIl by permitting creation of new voices, as well as modification of existing voices.


  • The FM Voicing Program enables you to modify all the voices which come preset into the FM Sound Synthesizer unit. It also enables you to create entirely new voices from scratch.
  • Voices are created and edited by entering data from the CX5MII computer keyboard. All data is graphicaliy displayed on the monitor screen. Voice creation can also be audibly monitored while editing by playing a Yamaha Music Keyboard which is connected to the computer.
  • All voice data (the parameters of voices you edit or create) can be saved on cassette tape or data memory cartridge (UDC-01). The voice data can be used for performance when the CX5MII is equipped with the Yamaha FM Music Composer or the FM Music Macro program cartridges. (The YRM502 allows you store data on floppy disks as well.)
  • All voice data, and a complete listing of the names of all voices, can be converted to “hard copy’ with an optional external printer.
Yamaha YRM502 voice editing
Yamaha YRM502 voice editing