Yamaha MMP01

Music pad

Yamaha MMP01 music pad

Initially sold for ¥19,800

The Yamaha MMP01 is a multi-purpose input device for MSX computers intended for writing music. The pad is blank and sheets could be placed on top, the controls change based on the software in use, and the accompanying sheet indicates the function of each control.

At least 4 sheets existed:

  • the MPS01 (pictured here), to be used the Yamaha CMP01 FM Auto Arranger
  • the MPS02, multipurpose blank sheet with just a pentagram, meant to be designed by the user in combination with custom macros / BASIC software
  • the MPS04, multipurpose blank sheet, likely completely white, to be filled by the user
  • the one provided with Yamaha's CMP02 PS editor
  • the one provided with Yamaha's PAP01 BASIC-Helper, to help input BASIC commands

The pad is connected through the joystick port and supports one touch input at a time, there's no need for a special pen as below the surfaces there's a matrix of actual buttons.

Note: the illustration is missing labels, if you own one, please get in touch.

Yamaha MMP01 and YIS604
Yamaha MMP01 and YIS604
MMP01 in use
MMP01 in use
Part of a workstation
Part of a workstation