Yamaha RX120

Digital rhythm programmer

Yamaha RX120 drum machine
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1988 (Jan.)
Initially sold for ¥37,000

Lower end of the RX spectrum, the 120 was clearly built for people who just wanted an easy drum machine to provide rhythm when playing. There's no way to build patterns: instead the user can create songs using prebuilt patterns and their variations. However, even if everything is predetermined and controls for single percussions are clearly not made for live playing, the RX120 does have a MIDI in port, thus being able to be controlled (especially by a sequencer, where patterns can be created).

With 38 sounds on board that are pretty similar to what you'll find on other RX machines, it can be effectively used in a professional environment as expander just for the sounds.


  • 38 sampled percussions instruments.
  • 40 preset patterns, each with three variations, two fill-ins, break, intro and ending. (Total of eight ways to play each preset).
  • 20 song memories to program your own songs, each up to 500 measures long.
  • Foot switch jacks for remote control of Fill In or Start/Ending.
  • The sampled percussion instruments can be played from a MIDI keyboard.
  • Playback can be synchronized with an external MIDI sequencer.
Yamaha RX120 brochure cover
Yamaha RX120 brochure cover
Yamaha RX120 on After Touch, April 1988
Yamaha RX120 on After Touch, April 1988
Yamaha RX120 on After Touch, April 1988
Yamaha RX120 on After Touch, April 1988


Sound source

2Mbit wave ROM x 1
1Mbit wave ROM x 1
38 voices
12 note polyphony

Memory capacity

40 patterns x 8 variations
20 songs

Connection terminals and interfaces

Output L, Output R, Output Phones

Dimensions and weight

191w x 54.5h x 2350d (mm) / 7-1/2" x 13-3/4" x 2-1/8"
1.5Kg / 3lbs 5oz