Yamaha YRM12 (102)

FM voicing program

Yamaha MSX YRM 102 12 FM music composer

1983 (Nov.)
Initially sold for ¥7,800

The Yamaha FM voicing program (YRM102 or YRM12 in Japan) is a ROM cartridge which is used with the Yamaha FM sound synthesizer (Yamaha SFG01) to create voices. This allows a wide variety of original voices to be created by the FM sound generation system. This is of course in addition to the 48 voices already contained in the FM sound synthesizer unit.


  • This ROM cartridge allows the voices contained in the FM sound synthesizer unit to be altered, as well as creating new voices from scratch.
  • The data can be displayed on the screen as it is entered from the CX5M keyboard. Naturally, sound can also be output for checking the voice data as it is created.
  • The voice data can be saved on cassette tape after it has been created and later utilized with the FM music macro (YRM104) and FM music composer (YRM101).
  • The voice data and the table of voices can both be printed out.
  • The music keyboard functions of the FM music synthesizer unit can be called up and used for playback when the FM sound synthesizer is in use.
Yamaha YRM102 voice editor
Yamaha YRM102 voice editor
Yamaha YRM102 command menu
Yamaha YRM102 command menu