Yamaha AM802


Yamaha AM802 mixer
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1989 (Apr.)
Initially sold for ¥50,000

The Yamaha AM802 is an 8 channel analog mixer with lots of features for its low price. It's an upgrade of the KM802 and has a small 6 channel version called AM602. It has 8 monaural line inputs, 6 of which can be switched to accept a low-level input such as a microphone, and three aux sends with three separate stereo returns. Each channel has a very basic shelving equalizer at 10kHz and 100Hz.

Unlike the AM602, there's no possibility to cascade more than one mixer, but there are additional outputs dedicated to recording.

Yamaha AM602 and AM802
Yamaha AM602 and AM802


Connection terminals and interfaces

CH IN (x8)
AUX send 1, AUX send 2, AUX send 3
AUX return 1 (L, R), AUX return 2 (L, R), AUX return 3 (L, R)
ST OUT L, ST OUT R, Phones

Dimensions and weight

354w x 98.5h x 301d (mm)