Yamaha DX7 II-C

Digital programmable algorithm synthesizer

Yamaha DX7 II centennial limited edition

1986 (July)
Initially sold for ¥464,000

The Yamaha DX7 II-C (Centennial) is a limited edition DX7 II-fd, released in 1987 to be a "visual and musical celebration" of Yamaha's 100th anniversary. Apparently, 100 units have been made, but it's not so uncommon to find on sale.

The synthesizer is housed in a silver coloured casing, and all of the wheels, buttons and sliders are gold coloured (it's unclear whether they're just gold coloured or actually gold plated). Instead of the 5-octave, C-to-C keyboard that is standard to the rest of the DX7 line, the Centennial features a full 76-note keyboard (with an E-to-G range, the same as the KX76 MIDI keyboard controller). Finally, the keys of the Centennial have been specially treated: fluorescent paint has been mixed in with the plastic of the keys, so that the entire keyboard glows in the dark.

DX7 centennial on After Touch, December 1987
DX7 centennial on After Touch, December 1987