Yamaha YRM15 (101)

FM music composer

Yamaha MSX YRM 101 15 FM music composer

1983 (Nov.)
Initially sold for ¥7,800

The Yamaha FM music composer (YRM101 or YRM15 in Japan) is a ROM cartridge program that enables your Yamaha CX5M music computer for computer aided music composition, orchestration, and full performance control.


  • Music composition with up to 8 separate parts can be performed automatically. Different voices can be used for each separate part, and changed at any time, permitting full orchestration control.
  • Notes are entered from either the CX5M ASCII keyboard or from the Yamaha YK01, YK10 or YK20 music keyboards. The external keyboard facilitates easier note entry, and also permits keyboard accompaniment of "automatic" performances (performances which are electronically "recorded" and "played" by the computer).
  • Notation for dynamics (crescendo, decrescendo, etc.) and tempo (ritardando, atempo, etc.) is entered from the computer keyboard, enabling a wide range of expressive control.
  • The FM music composer can be used for automatic performance whereby compositions are played back on Yamaha's DX synthesizers and other MIDI compatible instruments.
  • The full music score, along with all performance control data, can be converted to "hard copy" (printed out) with a suitable MSX-compatible external printer and/or saved on cassette tape.

Disk support was later added with the updated YRM501 cartridge.

Yamaha YRM101 main screen
Yamaha YRM101 main screen