Yamaha MFC2

MIDI foot controller

Yamaha MFC-2 MIDI foot controller

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The Yamaha MFC2 MIDI foot controller is meant as a companion of the Yamaha WX7 MIDI wind controller. The MIDI data from the WX7 controller is received at the MIDI IN connector; the MIDI OUT connector transmits MIDI data generated and processed by the MFC2 to a synthesizer or tone generator such as the TX81Z.

By tapping a bank select footswitch and one of six program select footswitches, you will be able to rapidly recall any of 30 different programs (voices) on a synthesizer or tone generator. In addition, each program number has 6 different parameters which can be programmed to add new functions to the WX7. It is possible to have the WX7 control two different MIDI channels – and thus two different voices – simultaneously but in slightly different ways. A Key Hold footswitch can be used, for example, to hold a note on one channel while you continue to play on the other channel, while wind (volume/timbre) and lip (pitch) data from the WX7 has varying effects on each channel.

Two FC5 footswitches were provided in the box.


Connection terminals and interfaces

Bank Select
Key Hold

Dimensions and weight

466w x 53h x 197d (mm) / 18-3/8” x 2-1/8” x 7-3/4”
1.7Kg / 3.7lbs.