Yamaha DMP7

Digital mixing processor

Yamaha DMP7 digital mixer
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1987 (May)
Initially sold for ¥448,000

The Yamaha DMP7 is an all-digital MIDI-controllable 8-channel 2-bus signal-processing mixer with three sweepable bands of EQ per channel, three internal effects processors, and motorized faders. It offers direct digital interfacing to virtually all types of digital recording and processing equipment effectively integrating an 8 x 2 digital line-level mixer with sophisticated digital effects capability. There is an additional compressor across the stereo output.

Each and every parameter – from fader positions to effects and EQ settings – is fully programmable. The channel levels, effects send/return levels and master level are all set up using the faders, which jump to the right place when the appropriate mode is selected. The other functions are programmed using a conventional 16x2 LCD interface and data entry slider.

Each send can be switched between pre and postfade per channel. Each channel has its own phase switch. Each fader has a conventional miniature electric motor with a drive band to a larger nylon pulley, and the spindle of this drives a wire which is carried along the length of the fader, around another pulley at the top, and back through the fader knob itself via a couple of tiny tensioning springs.

Up to 30 complete system configurations can be stored in internal memory and recalled at the touch of a key for instant "scene" changes. External RAM cartridges provide an extra 67 memories. What's more, the DMP7 is MIDI compatible. MIDI program change commands from external recorder can be used to store mixdown and effects change operations in real time. If 8 inputs aren't enough, the DMP7 permits digital cascading of 2 more units.

Can optionally be controlled via an RTC1 remote.


All-digital signal processing

Analog signals are A/D-converted on entry into the console, and are handled and processed in digital form right up to the D/A stage at the stereo outputs. In addition to providing extraordinary signal processing versatility, this ensures that maximum signal quality is maintained from input to output.

3 digital effects systems

The DMP7 provides 3 effect sends (loops) each of which contains a high-performance internal digital multi-effect processor. Effects Sends 1 and 2 each provide access to 17 different effects including reverb, gate reverb, delay, echo, flange, phasing, tremolo and symphonic.. Individual parameters controlling each effect may also be programmed. Effect Send 3 can feed either a 5-effect internal system or external signal processing devices via effect send and return patch points on the rear panel.

Reliable multi-function motorized faders

The channel, master, effect return and data entry faders are all motorized and digitally controlled. Like all other DMP7 parameters, fader settings can be memorized and recalled as needed. The faders physically move to the programmed positions, allowing visual confirmation of the mix.

Versatile digital EQ

Each DMP7 channel offers a versatile 3-band digital parametric equalizer. Each band permits frequency control, 15 dB of boost or cut, and bandwidth (Q) adjustment over a broad 0.1 – 0.5 range. The high and low bands also offer peaking and shelving response selection.

Internal stereo compressor

A separate digital stereo compressor system is internally provided for the stereo buss. Stereo compression of the master stereo signal is a must for many applications. With the DMP7 this capability is built-in.


The DMP7 features 30 internal memory locations which can store all console parameters. You can program and store 30 completely different processing configurations or "scenes", and recall them instantly whenever necessary. A cartridge slot is provided for an external Yamaha RAM4 memory cartridge which can store 67 additional configurations.

MIDI control capability

Stored configurations can be selected simply by sending the appropriate MIDI program change number to the DMP7. It can even be connected directly to a MIDI sequence recorder for real-time storage and playback of mixing and processing operations. For complicated operations involving simultaneous fades, EQ changes, etc., each operation can be individually overdubbed on the sequence recorder. Then you simply play back the sequence as you would with any other MIDI compatible musical instrument, and the entire mixing/signal processing process is recreated in fine detail.

  • Optional MLA7 8-channel Microphone Amplifier.
  • SOLO mode for individual channel monitoring.
  • Programmable stereo panning control.
  • Effect, channel and stereo master peak meters.
  • 16 character x 2 line LCD display.
  • 2-digit 7-segment LED memory number display.
  • Memory protection.
  • Digital summing points on the stereo output buss for cascading 2 or more DMP7s.
  • Foot-pedal output level control.
  • MIDI bulk dump capability.
Yamaha DMP7 brochure
Yamaha DMP7 brochure
Yamaha DMP7 (source: Yamaha)
Yamaha DMP7 (source: Yamaha)
Yamaha DMP7 cartridge
Yamaha DMP7 cartridge
DMP7 on Sound On Sound, Jul 1987
DMP7 on Sound On Sound, Jul 1987


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